Raiveslake Golden Retrievers





Neha and Archie Litter
Born 25th March 2017

Neha and Archies' five little girls and three boys were delivered into this world by C Section. All were the palest of golds :)
Being huge Harry Potter fans, we decided that this litter had to have a wizarding theme!
Introducing our 'Potions and Spells' Litter :)

Raiveslake Flipendo

Cherished by Lynne & her Mum, here in St Helens :)

Raiveslake Expelliarmus

Loving life in Marple Bridge with Clare and Mat :)

Raiveslake Amortentia
Living life to the full with the Hick's family in Bury x

Raiveslake Lumos

Utterly adored by Kate and Sam in Prescot :)

Raiveslake Alohomora

Causing mischief in East Hardwick with Barbara, John and Molly the Golden :)

Raiveslake Confundus

Spoilt rotten by Lynne and David in Chorley x

Raiveslake Riddikulus

Having a ball with Sue and Ian in St Helens :)

Raiveslake Befuddlement

Loved to bits by Amanda in St Helens xx

Click on the links below to see the pups' first 6 weeks in this world :)



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