Raiveslake Golden Retrievers





Raiveslake Urban Storm x Leighsham Society Spice
Storm and Divas' seven little Spices arrived on July the 12th 2016.
Diva is owned and very much loved by Joy Jackson-Haines of Leighsham Golden Retrievers, in Wiltshire.  
The photos below show the little ones as they grow :)

Diva and her seven little Spices <3

First day at the milk bar :)

Reminds me so much of his dad :)

Just over a week old and their eyes are opening!

Mr Green - such a gorgeous boy :)

Miss Red <3

Milky noses :)

Out in the sunshine with mum :)


What's that over there?

Singing a song!

Mr Green, so handsome :)

Feeding Time :)

In the tunnel x

Sleepy pair <3

Miss Pink, so like her dad x

Miss Pink aka Edna

Miss Yellow aka Gracie

Miss Orange aka Saffy

Miss Red aka Skye

Mr Blue aka Rio

Mr Brown aka Albert

Mr Green aka Sol



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