Raiveslake Golden Retrievers





Skye  & Jacob litter
Born 30/ 08/12
Skye and Jacob had beautiful babies, three boys and six girls. This was a wonderful litter all given kennel names after quotes from
The Lord Of The Rings.
Raiveslake Turn Of The Tide

 Enjoying life in Hartlepool with Julie & Stephen x 

Raiveslake Keep It Secret

Loved and living in Burscough with the Jones Family x

Raiveslake You Have My Bow

Very much loved by Sue, Neil and the lovely Tyne in the Vale of York x
Raiveslake My Precious

Adored by the McCloughlin family living in Runcorn x
Raivelsake Don't Be Hasty

Living in Chichester and being utterly spoiled by the Waller Family x
Raiveslake May It Be
Loved to bits by Carol & Alan in Castle Donnington x
Raiveslake So Juicy Sweet

Having a wonderful time in London with the Shiels family and Meg the flatcoat x

Raiveslake Merry Fellow

Living in Liverpool and loved by Bill x
Raiveslake Made A Promise
At home with us, our little Princess. ♥

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