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24th October 2020
Sol's son makes his debut at 
Northwich and District Open Show!
Oakwoodlake Magnus Solsson 
1st Gundog Minor Puppy
Well done to Steph and Martok! 

17th October 2020
A great day at Golden Retriever Club of Northumbria for Storm's progeny!
Pajula's Little Drummer Boy
Owned by Paula Wilkinson
1st Graduate Dog :)
Judge: Gary Foreman (Ambersun)

Drumkilty Ursula
Owned by Jane McCrone
3rd Minor Puppy Bitch
3rd Maiden Bitch
Crufts 2022 Qualification!
Judge: Miss Paula Hill (Sandaula)

14th September 2021
Pajula's Santa Baby by Raiveslake
15/12/18 - 14/9/21

While on holiday in Wales, Rai ingested a toxin while we were walking in a local, ancient woodland. The vets in Cardigan were amazing and threw everything at her to try and save her, but she slipped into a coma. We were by her side and told her how much we loved her, I knew she had heard me as she let out the biggest sigh as if to say it's Ok mum. She slipped away peacefully in the early hours of the morning. We loved her dearly, she was the most smiley, happy girl you would ever meet, whose tail just did not stop wagging. She was her dad, Storm, but with a load more sass! She would make sure she let everyone know she was there and left chaos in her way. A huge thankyou to Paula Wilkinson, for allowing us to love her. We were not supposed to be having a new pup, but we couldn't not have her as part of our family. She has left a huge hole in our hearts, we miss her so much. The house is so quiet without her.
Till we meet again our girl, love you so much our baby Rai xx

29th August 2021

Yorkshire Golden Retriever Club Championship Show
What a fantastic day for our Sol! Finally back in coat, he showed his socks off and won his class!
We are so , so proud of our little man! 
Leighsham Cococabana at Raiveslake
*1st Limit Dog*
**Stud Book Number **

Thankyou to our Judge Fiona Thurm (Beldonburn)

4th August 2021
Another good day for Storm's progeny!
Pajula's Little Drummer Boy 
**3rd Graduate dog**
& Riverscharm Little Lily May
**3rd Minor Puppy Bitch**

Judges: Debbie Vernon & Nicky Hughes

1st August 2021
A good day for Storm's son
Pajula's Little Drummer Boy
**2nd Graduate Dog**
**Crufts 2022 qualification**
Huge congratulations to his owner and breeder Paula Wilkinson.
Judge Linda Best (Hailsham)

14th July 2021
Eastern Counties Golden Retriever Club Championship Show
Pajula's Santa Baby by Raiveslake
**1st Graduate Bitch**
So proud of our little girl :) 

Also at the show;
Riverscharm Little Lily May, 
Storm's little girl,
owned and loved by Lindsay Wedge
**Reserve Minor Puppy Bitch**

Judge: Mr Paul Seamons (Messano)

11th July 2021
Golden Retriever Club Championship Show
So proud of Storm's progeny today.
Riverscharm Little Lily May (Lily), owned by Lindsay Wedge,
**Reserve Minor Puppy Bitch**
Photo by Caroline Kinmond
Pajula's Little Drummer Boy (Ollie) owned by Paula Wilkinson
HC Graduate Dog
Photo by Peter Wilkinson
Pajula's Santa Baby by Raiveslake, our little Rai, was shortlisted in a huge Graduate class.

4th July 2021
Berkshire Downs and Chilterns GRC Championship Show
First show back in 16 months for Rai and she started in style!
Pajula's Santa Baby by Raiveslake
**1st Graduate Bitch**

Storm's other little girl had a great day too!
Riverscharm Little Lily May 
bred and owned by Lyndsay Wedge
**3rd Minor Puppy Bitch**
**Reserve Maiden Bitch**

Huge thanks to the Judge, Julie Seamons (Messano)

27th June 2021
Welcome to the word little ones!
Storm and Albas' 11 little ones, 
6 girls and 5 boys have arrived. 
Alba is owned and loved by Karen Macfarlane- Little in Scotland. 

8th June 2021
Sol and Broras' pups have arrived in Scotland :)
6 boys and 4 girls :) 
All happy and healthy :)

31st May 2021
After 14 months of no shows , the show world has finally reopened! 
Making her debut at 6 months and one week  old, was Storm's little girl.
Riverscharm Little Lily May 
**3rd in Minor Puppy**
 at Eastern Counties Golden Retriever Open Show.
We are over the moon for her breeder, Lindsay Wedge, and little Lily :) 

7th April 2021
Sol is a daddy! 
These little darlings were born in the very early hours.
Four strapping boys and four little princesses. :) 

31st March 2021
Our Star is 10! 
Our golden girl has reached double figures and is still as sprightly and as mucky as ever. 

7th March 2021
Welcome to the world Storm's six little Scotch Bonnets
Five lads and one little lassie :) 



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